About Bored Housewife

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Bored Housewife play breezy dark twisted songs inspired by endless amounts of bad television, trashy magazines, cheap supermarkets, Pound Stores, weird people in Bars and computer games, to name but a few. The list is endless. Think Belle and Sebastian, if they grew up in a Northern Irish council estate wherein they developed an appreciation for the darker things in life.

Bored Housewife began life in 2008 as Justin McKeown and Meabh McDonnell in Belfast, performing regularly in bars such as The Pavilion, The Front Page and Laverys. In 2011 they moved to York, UK, where they met Rob Harrington and Ed Harrington. After some gigs as Bored Housewife's backing band, The Daytme drinkers Rob and Ed joined Bored Housewife as full band members in 2013. Rob and Ed's technical musical abilities solidify the Bored Housewife sound, adding new rhythmic and melodic dimensions to the clever lyrics and vocal harmonies.